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History Of Slot Machine Games And Its Futures
Slot machine games are very popular in pubs, bar and casinos. This slot machine was first invented by Charles Fey during 19th century and he used some symbols like diamonds, hearts, spades, horse shoes and liberty bell. The liberty bell became a very good trend for some period of time in gambling business. The other type of early machines has provided the winning options in terms of chewing gums and only the winning wheel of the machine will determine the flavor of the gums. These types of slot machines are commonly named as fruit machine and sometimes they are also named as poker machine which is commonly used by the peoples of Australia. Earlier days, this machine will be operated by one hand and so they named it as one armed bandit. This type of machines is now replaced by electronic machines with more number of symbols.

But, still land based slot machine games are available in some casinos. The old machines used cards and fruits as the symbol to run it wherein the new electronic machines can be used with our options like movie pictures or postures and we can also change it periodically.
Comparison of online Vs land based slot machine games
Unlike old slot machines, an online slot machine does not have any moving parts and the combinations for winning the game depend upon the random number generator. This random number generator will run hundreds or thousands combination of numbers in a fraction of a second and it varies from one machine to another. Even a single second will differ the numbers in a huge value. The winning payout percentage of online slot machine games is about 98% wherein the old land based slot machine games has the average winning payout percentage as 92%.

It is also even low in pubs and bars as 70%. However, the online slot machine games do not publish their winning payout percentage for an individual machine. We can make the choice of betting with the concept: machines yielding higher jackpot amount of money will have small chance of winning small gifts and machines yielding lesser percentage of payout will have lesser chance of yielding higher percentage of payout.

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